The Advertising Department

What We Do

You Need It Done? We'll Get It Done.

You Need It Done? We'll Get It Done.

When we say that The Advertising Department is a full-service agency, we mean it. Not just in the sense that we provide a complete range of advertising and marketing solutions - though we do - but also in the sense that ‘service’ is what our business is all about.

Each of us takes personal responsibility in client satisfaction, making it our job to deliver you creative materials that make a real, meaningful impression on you and your customers - on time, on budget and on target. We’re committed to professionalism and integrity, and you can always be confident that we take your business as seriously as we take our own.

There’s one more thing that make us who we are: A complete and total dedication to accomplishing anything you might require. That’s why clients continue to count on us for a remarkable range of projects, including:

● Logo and brand development

● Marketing strategy

● Print, radio and TV advertising

● Website development

● Email marketing

● Public relations

● Outdoor advertising

● Copywriting

● Media planning

● Trade shows

…and so much more. If you’re thinking you have a project that’s too small to warrant an agency or too big for a boutique firm to manage, contact us today - we’ll be happy to show you how The Advertising Department may just the right fit for your needs.