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20 Years of Marketing Success

20 Years of Marketing Success

For the past 20 years, The Advertising Department has been in the business of marketing success - developing creative materials and strategies that enhance our clients’ business and help them achieve their goals.

The way we do this is simple - by making sure that every company we represent feels like we’re their own internal marketing department. Like we have no other clients at all.

No wonder that our clients count on us for a full range of services, including print advertising, radio, television, online marketing, public relations, logo design, copywriting, presentations, billboards, email campaigns, media planning, market strategy and, well, you name it.

The way we work is straightforward: You tell us exactly what you want to accomplish, and we roll up our sleeves to make it happen. Under your direction, we conceive, develop and execute a plan that produces the results you expect. Campaigns aren't crafted just to look pretty or win awards (though that’s always nice!) - they’re designed to grow your business. Period.

That’s our recipe for creative that gets the job done. Listening to your vision and asking the right questions. It’s what we’ve become known for over the past two decades, and it’s what you’ll come to know us for, too.

Robin Sterne - Creative Director
After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Miami, Robin started her career in entertainment marketing and design joining Blockbuster Entertainment as Director of Publishing in 1990. It wasn’t long after that the joined the Huizenga empire as a member of AutoNation’s marketing and communications departments. Her credits include numerous graphic design awards in corporate design and her local philanthropic credits include many non-profit organizations.

Michael M. Tripp – Business Development Director
An 20-year veteran in advertising, marketing and brand development, Michael has extensive experience in market planning, brand awareness, sales incentives, customer development and retention. Michael’s responsibilities include business development, customer relations, office management, marketing collateral, digital photography, media buys, media campaigns and promotional activities.

Bruce Kassover – Marketing Director
Bruce began his career in advertising more than 25 years ago with Office Depot before moving on to work in the marketing departments of AutoNation and Blue Dot Services. It was while at Blue Dot that he and his partners conceived the idea to form The Advertising Department. He has extensive experience in technical areas like print production as well as the creative side of things, with an emphasis on copywriting and concepting. You’ll find that Bruce makes it his job to understand your specific needs, educating himself on your company and the market, listening closely to your project objectives, developing strong and innovative solutions and following through with careful attention to details.